Miss Popularity 2013

pathAccording to WordPress my most viewed post for 2013 was: http://missellasaid.com/2013/04/21/my-10-things-for-a-healthy-lifestyle-routine/

I’ve changed a few things to that routine. See the items in RED below as additions and changes.

  1. This is still true. More so in the winter in Edmonton. I use coconut oil to cook, and as a facial moisturizer at night and on my body day and night. Coconut oil has found a place in my heart, my kitchen cupboard, and my bathroom vanity. I use 100% pure organic virgin coconut oil. It’s important that you source a brand that is virgin and organic. I use this as a face and body cream, straight up. At times I will apply a small amount to the tips of my hair. I also use coconut oil as the main oil when cooking. I use the Nutiva brand. You can find it almost anywhere. I buy mine at Planet Organic or Blush Lane. UPDATE: Here is a great video about coconut oil by the lovely Bianca of Vitality Guide for Women.
  2. This is SO TRUE AND VITAL. I am not perfect when it comes to consistent exercise. I also like to keep it simple. Weather permitting, I enjoy walking to most of my destination. Yoga is still my first love, and this year I hope to add in some dancing with my husband! Exercise is key to a healthy life. I’m not talking about having to sweat it out 5 days a week in a 90 min moksha class. I’m talking about taking 10 minutes every morning and night to just stretch it out. I’m hoping you do other activity throughout the day whether it be walking, running, taking care of kids, gardening, etc. I find that if you set up activities in bite-sized chunks throughout your day your level of compliance will be much higher. I stumbled upon Tara Stiles. Right now she is doing a yoga challenge and providing FREE YouTube videos that you can follow. Check her out and get stretching.
  3. I still love to mediate. Sometimes I rush because I love to sleep. So rather than being hard on myself, I try to be present in my day. Listening to music, writing, crafting, some sort of play allows us to be present. Also, walking meditation is awesome! Right after my yoga I settle into my day with a 15 minute guided meditation. I did Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21 day mediation challenge and fell in love with it. So after that I purchased the other mediation series: love, abundance, perfect health. I highly recommend that you try out some guided mediation tools. It will help you ease into the practice and develop a habit. Search around for ones that you like. There are free ones available too. Check out Deepak here.
  4. OK time to come clean! I am the QUEEN of starting new things but not committing 100%. My mornings I will have warm water with apple cider vinegar, pure water, or an herbal tea. Mostly I listen to my body and make a healthy decision. The first thing I do every morning is I have a glass of warm water with lemon. This helps to clear away the cobwebs, aids in digestion, alkalizes the body, and so much more. To add to that, I recently bought a Santevia. This little beauty filters your water and returns it to its natural alkalize state. Your body needs this. Acidity breeds dis-ease. You can purchase one at Planet Organic.
  5. Bye bye supplements. I am not a fan unless you are not able to function due to some challenges with your body. I have been on a long road of repair. My latest discovery has been acupuncture. According to Chinese medicine the body is either happy or sad. When your body is in a state of distress nothing works properly. So, I have been cleaning the junk in my trunk: literally my emotional baggage. I have been leaning in, listening, dealing, and letting go. It’s working. My body is becoming stronger and more balanced everyday. It is now able to pull what it needs from the food I feed it. I was never a big supporter of supplements. The reality is, with the state of our food, water, and soil, we just cannot get everything we need anymore from our food source. It is a sad state of affairs. One day it will return to its natural state, I have faith in this. For now, find our what you are missing. Currently I am taking a multi-vitamin and vitamin D. It has made a huge difference in my energy and mood levels.
  6. This is a tough one, but so, so, so important…planning healthy eating throughout your day. After my yoga and mediation I have my first meal. Usually it is a bowl of oats, or quinoa. I may add a green juice. The trick is to keep nourishing your body throughout the day with healthy choices so that you don’t grab that pastry or coffee. I pack my water with me, fruit, sometimes some veggies, and nuts. This will help me sustain my energy levels and satiate my appetite. If you cannot do this, then make healthy choices when you are eating out. The secret it is keep yourself well-fueled so you don’t go for that quick fix.
  7. WATER! I love water but am very bad at remembering to drink it. Trust me, after you get into the habit of properly hydrating yourself you will notice many miracles happening: no more dark circles under your eyes, increased energy, good mood, decrease in hunger, glowing skin, healthy nails, shiny hair, decrease in stomach acid and increase in healthy digestion. If you have problems remembering to drink, guess what, there is an app for that!
  8. Taking time out to read. Whatever it is you desire: fiction, non-fiction, work-related, etc. Take at least 30 minutes a day to do some reading. It is almost like a mini mediation. It can be soothing, inspiring, and exercises your brain. We tend to use our right side of the brain increasing our creative muscles more. It helps to bring perspective to our day and helps us to be in the present.
  9. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people and make a habit of spending time with them each week. I have a great group that I am committed to touching base with once a week. We share things that may be challenging, inspiring, and just lend an ear to each other. When you share, you shake the shackles of fear and realize that you are not alone. It’s a great practice for your heart, and ego.
  10. Lastly, and most importantly, I keep a gratitude journal. Every night I recount my day and write down the things that I am grateful for. The goal is to think about this throughout your day. Live each day in the present. Give thanks to the gifts that life gives you. Take the opportunity to always give back. Leave your past in the past and focus on the present. When you bring your past into your present, it becomes your future. Be grateful for a brand new day, everyday.

This one is still the most important AND I never forget to do it! It’s part of my nature! SURPRISE, I have to add one more for good measure. It’s probably the most important…SMILE. Every second of everyday, smile to yourself, smile to others. A smile is a door to an open heart.

My word for 2014 is PLAY. Whether it is dancing, crafting, hooping, playing is vital to a young body and mind! Wait…one more…listen to music and dance every day. Even if it is just for 5 minutes, in the shower, in the kitchen, in your car…wherever your are, just dance.

Lastly I would add boundaries. As a person who is naturally inclined to help, I need to be careful what I choose to take on and how. This year I will be flexing my boundaries and being clear in what I need and what I can give.

So, what would you add to this list?


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    I came across this from a fellow blogger an liked it so much I wanted to share her healthy lifestyle routine, I pretty much do everything on the list, and am kinda jealous I didn’t write it ;)

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