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If we have an opportunity to help out a friend…then I say yes to that! Currently, my friend’s partner is in his final stretch in design school…how exciting. So I of course said yes when he asked if I could post his TEST site to learn about SEO and traffic. I am hoping to hire him in the future for our sites ;)

Sadly, I no longer use this site, but that’s OK. So if ever you wanted to improve the health of your Coon Cat, then look no further, the site with all the information has arrived!

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Happy mind. Happy body.

designI am in LOVE with the journey of life. It has a lot of dips and turns. A few flips, kicks, and tricks. All to be embraced. Many lessons to learn and put into practice. Beautiful souls to meet along the way.

The more you are opened and embrace the journey, the more you lean in, the more awesome the return…and it is not as painful if you were to deflect, avoid, run and hide.

My life journey is approaching 40 years on May 9. It has been the last seven years that has been challenging. However, when I look back at those seven years, I realize how everything is connected and my life has brought me to where I am today, which by the way I would not change AT ALL!

Let’s see, a few traumatic life events, some extreme downward spiraling, neglect regarding my mental and physical health has led me to experience: a session with an empath, work with a naturopath, cranio sacral therapy, rolfing, bioenergy, qigong, yoga, mediation, pilates, other forms of healing, colon cleansing, a lot of reading, affirmations, and acupuncture.

It wasn’t until I met my acupuncturist that I really grasped onto the idea of “Happy mind. Happy body.” All those healthy modalities I engaged in were really trying to get me to that place. It took me until the last form of treatment, acupuncture, when my doc repeated to me that mantra that I got it! CLICK.

This brings me to the concept of Spirituality. Completely different from religious. That’s another blog post. What I have learned is that spirituality is about connecting and awareness. Understanding that as a soul, made up of energy, we inhabit this lovely body. The energy we are comes from Universal energy. The stuff that EVERYTHING around us is made up of. This is where the idea of connection comes from. The next step is to be aware of that connection. How we are connected to other people, trees, air, water, soil, rocks, animals, etc.

As for the health of our minds and body, I have become acutely aware of how our thoughts can influence our body. Our body does not know when we are actually in an experience or if we are just thinking about it. What we think helps to prepare the body for the actions it needs to take to protect. Imagine if your mind is in a constant state of anxiety? Your body is responding with elevated blood pressure, heart rate, it ceases digestion, and many other things.

That is why many people speak about happiness being a choice. When you engage in thought you are recalling past experiences and your body is reliving those situations again and again. It is when you change your thought patterns that you can truly release the pain. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to be in the NOW. Be present. The only real moment we have is right now. Mediation in many different forms, engaging in an activity you enjoy allows us to be present. The sheer act of being present helps create a happy and healthy mind.

Constant thoughts of pain, unhappiness, and fear literally blocks our body’s ability to heal. It can and it will heal if we get out-of-the-way and let it.

This post is a bit of a ramble. To summarize: Happiness is a choice. We are inherently happy beings. Living in the past and thinking about the future takes us out of the present and conjures up many negative emotions. These negative emotions send signals to our body. Our thoughts create a false reality. We need to focus on the present. This allows us to be grateful for the moment and sends positive, consistent, and manageable signals to our body.

Get out of your head and into your heart. Be here. Right now. Present. Nurture and send loving thoughts to your body. A happy mind leads to a happy body.

Connect with me here and share your story with me. Are you currently suffering from pain? Have your overcome pain and negativity? I would love to hear!

Don’t worry. Be happy. There is beauty in that saying!


SHE is all around you. Holding you and loving you.

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